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So you’ve got the call you’ve been waiting for – an interview for your dream job. Next thing you know, they are keen to meet with you to discuss further and you are excited that it’s finally happening. You eagerly schedule for a 9am interview on Monday thinking it would be the best time to settle everything. The sooner the better, right?

According to recent studies, it is not necessary the case. In fact, they compiled several tips that could prove to be handy for you when you are scheduling your interview for that dream job.

  1. Meet For Interviews From Tuesday to Thursday
    • We all start feeling the Monday Blues on Sunday so by the time the interviewer meets you on Monday morning, it’s chaotic with them trying to plan the week ahead or working on outstanding matters that were unattended the week before.
    • As for Fridays, they call it TGIF for a reason. The interviewer would be just as stressed attempting to complete their tasks for the week and would not have the patience nor full attention to hear you out.
  2. Time It Just Right
    • Researchers have pinpointed the best time to schedule for meeting and that is between 10-11am and between 2-4pm. Reason being, these times are set at the peak of each day when the interviewers would most likely be less distracted or lethargic.
  3. Prevent Decision Fatigue
    • Based on a study done on 1,100 judges by the National Academy of Science, it was found that the judges were more likely to respond favourably to applications for parole in the morning. Hence, applying the same principles, researchers suggested that a morning interview could provide you that added edge over others.

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Source: Forbes