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Feeling overwhelmed at work? Caught yourself staring into space as you attempt for the tenth time to focus on an idea? Realised you have been feeling particularly irritable lately and had just snapped at your tea lady? If you also noticed that you are no longer excited heading to work anymore, these indications are clear signs that it is time for you to take a break from work.

In this video, Blake Mycoskie, the founder of TOMS, shares his experience when he took a year and a half long sabbatical to recharge and how this decision was just as healthy for him as it was for his team to grow stronger.

To entrepreneurs who are caught feeling bounded to their jobs and especially for companies who are closely tied to their founders, Blake imparts wise advice when he shares that it is particularly important and healthy that the company to be without their founders for short periods of time. Doing so would not only empower the team to make decisions by themselves and allow them to grow organically but it would also be healthy for the founder to come back rejuvenated and charged with new ideas to take the business to greater heights. Some of his tips to entrepreneurs who are longing for a time out include:

  1. Take Baby Steps
    • Whilst it is difficult to part from your business for long periods at a time, starting small by first taking a month off, will allow you the opportunity to evaluate the performance of your team during your absence. This would provide you great insights into how decisions were made; how issues were handled and test out the effectiveness of your executives which can help you grow your team organically.
  2. Manage Expectations
    • When you are away from your business, there will be certain trade-offs that you will need to accept such as business performance may not be tip top; profits may drop; cost might increase, but know that you will get your chance to rejuvenate to bring in bigger, better ideas to grow your business.
    • Furthermore, take advantage of these instances of “down time” to educate your team and guide them to anticipate the issues before it occurs again. Ultimately, life is about what you make of it.
  3. Disconnect To Relax
    • Whilst it is tempting to constantly stay connected and engaged with your business, a break from work means being completely disconnected to get a real rest. So switch off all electronic devices and go get that sun tan.

We hope these tips come in handy for you and for more ways to be effective at work, come join us at Oil & Gas Career Opportunities (Group) for more updates and discussions.

How do you find ways to de-stress when work becomes overwhelming? Share with us in the comments below.